The Few People that Actually Give Good Advice on Youtube

There are so many fake gurus on Youtube. You’ll be able to tell they are fake by many things. A lot are in their 20s and claim they are successful. This should be red flag #1. There is no way in hell I’d ever take advice from a guy in his 20s about how to make real money.

#2 They usually have a course or seminar they are selling. Now, some of the guys that are legit do this too, but it is a red flag so be cautious.

#3 They have massive amounts of debt and play it off like it’s a good thing. I see a lot of these 20 somethings saying they own 6 million in real estate or they bought a business with 0 down! Ok so you have no equity in the property, how would you ever survive a downturn, rent strike (risk can be mitigated if in a desirable area) or vacancies/repairs. If you can’t afford to put 25%+ down to buy a property, as well as having a cash reserve for the down turn, which this century has happened every 7-8 years. Then you shouldn’t be buying real estate.

#4 They show off and talk their money. Remember a lot of this money is coming from YouTube or the classes that they sell. Not the underlying business that they are promoting. Remember: The main reason to have money is the freedom and experiences that can be had. Not things. Its money and movement. Not just one or the other, its both.

There was this guy I was watching. He was probably about 26. He bought a low end apartment complex with 0 down in 2019. He also started selling a course! I wonder how he’s surviving the virus unemployment.

Theres another guy thats saying that 7 houses made him financially free. I got news for you. Its going to take 2-3 times that amount for you to actually have steady cashflow and a life thats worth living. Especially if you have 7 mortgages.

Theres also the live cheaply guys that retire with a 25K a year income and live out of their car, and watch every penny that they spend. What kind of life is that!?

The list of people that I believe and know are legit is short, very short. If I come across any more I’ll add to it. But none of these people are in their 20s, promote debt, or show off, that I’ve ever seen. (I don’t know these people personally, or have ever talked to them, or am promoting anything they are selling) Another thing I’ve noticed. In my personal life and through this list. You’re either a real estate guy and hate the stock market or a stock guy and hate real estate. I’m one of the few people who invest in both.

Tom. Flip Anything

This guy is in his 60s and is sharing his experience in real estate. You can tell he’s real by the way he speaks. He shows his properties and never brags or shows off. He’s not that tech savvy. But he has some interesting stories. From the way he talks he defiantly has over $10M

Anton Kreil

Anton is English and worked at Goldman Sachs for years. He now lives in Singapore. He exposes market charlatans and get rich quick day traders. He also exposes the bullshit PC culture and seems to be anti-big gov. Which is probably why he lives in one of the most economically free countries in the the world. He has some great videos on how not to get trapped in debt and how to view money. He’s also very straight forward and logical in his views. He’s a stock guy; he doesn’t own rentals. And actually hates the idea of owning rentals, especially with mortgages.

Vlad TV

Vlad has a huge youtube channel where he interviews mostly hip hop artists. I don’t listen to rap but the interviews are great. A lot of the interviews go into finance and investing too. Like the Jay Morrison or the DJ Paul interviews. Vlad basically mentioned in an interview that he’s completely liquid; he lives bi-costal and rents both houses. He mentioned that he would never buy a primary residence with a mortgage.

He said (Not an exact quote) Every dollar I have is a soldier for me, it goes out and works, and creates more, until I have an army. Basically every dollar he has goes to work for him.

An interview of his where he talks about real estate was with Jay Morrison. Where he was talking about this illiquid real estate investment fund and wanted Vlad to invest. He explained to Vlad that this real estate fund would invest in everything from SFH, apartments, industrial buildings for weed growing, bit coin mining machines, There was no clear fund strategy or fund constraints. Vlad then explained why he wouldn’t invest.

An example of a great REIT (Real Estate Income Trust) is “Realty Income” ticker: O

If you index the S and P you already own this stock. But I want you to look at their business model on their website It’s straight to the point and you know exactly what they invest in. This is what a real estate company with a proven track record and high end management looks like…

“We purchase commercial real estate leased to tenants under long-term net lease agreements, generally 10-20 years. The lease payments generated each month are used to support predictable monthly dividend payments to our shareholders.”

Simple and to the point. You notice they’re not saying we’re buying houses, bitcoin mining machines, and buildings for weed growing.

Vlad and Jay talking about a real estate fund and why Vlad won’t invest

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