Survive and Thrive While in Quarantine

While everybody has been freaking out I’ve been trying to keep a level head and make the best of this lockdown. I’m not letting this crisis go to waste.  So far I have gotten stronger and have made money all while in quarantine.  I have been living in Beijing all year and have self quarantined for almost 2 months.  We have gone to the grocery store, bank, and just started going to the coffee shop.  China is pretty much back to normal now and we are just starting to go back out.  This is because everybody stayed in during the worst parts of this crisis.  Now I see whats going on in America and look at it from a different view point than the people living there.

My routine was/is as follows:

Physically – While I’ve been inside I stuck to a strict work out routine. In my condo I have a yoga mat and a set of dumbbells. Every day for 30 days in a row I did 100 pushups. At the end of the 30 days my chest grew by 4 inches! I had such good results. The gyms still aren’t open here yet; so I’m still working out at home. Every other day I run around our courtyard 4-5 times. Around 1-1.5 miles. Then on the other days I’m not running I still do pushups and multiple exercises with the dumbbells. I’m doing curls, overhead presses, one armed rows, lateral raises. Also some body weight squats and wall sits. There is so much you can do with out a gym. I am putting on mass and definition. So far the quarantine has been great for me.

Economically – The stock market has been on a wild ride! But when theres volatility theres also opportunity. Late last year I owned $VIXY when the market started to tank I sold it. (This tracks volatility and goes up when the market goes down) My timing was way too soon because I had no idea that the sell off would be so catastrophic. Like I’ve always said, you can never exactly time the market. However I did make a nice profit.
My second trade was $SLV (Silver index) I bought it at 12 and sold it at 13+. That was a nice 10% in 2 days trade.
The third trade I made was to buy $GS at ~$145 the plan is to sell in the future when its close to $175-200 and it will get back to that level.  I have also put more money in my S&P index fund and lowered my cost basis on that.  The market is so cheap right now so why not buy while everything is on sale. It’s turned out to be very lucrative for me.

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