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When you have a rental property there might be a few small things that you will overlook.  But they add up and could lead to big expenses down the road.

Furnace filters  Depending if you have a furnace or not (boiler) these filters are very important and if not changed they can blow up your furnace motor.  I leaned this the hard way and had one blow in my rental, it was a 4 figure repair.  So these must be changed depending on the size of the filter at least twice a year. Once before winter and once before summer. If you show your tenants how to do this, just find your size on Amazon and mail it to them.  I have done this and just check up on them and make sure they did it. Or make sure your property manager is doing it.

Laundry socks  These are the lint catchers that attach to the laundry machine hose.  If not used, eventually when the laundry drains the lint will clog the pipes over a long period of time and cause another huge problem.  Especially if you have a multi family with a few washers.  Same as the furnace filter just order on amazon and mail these to your tenants, have management do it or just go there every few months and change them. It seriously takes one minute and is a good excuse to go into the building and check things out.

Dryer trap and vent   The dryer lint trap must be cleaned out to avoid the dryer from burning out too.  The vent hose must be tightly secured and venting outside properly, if there’s a lint build up in here this can actually cause a fire!  Make sure these are all cleaned out.  You can put all these little maintenance issues in your lease as well.  This is how I have mine set up.  The tenants are aware of all of these.

Trees/bushes hanging over the house  Not only does it look bad but if there’s a huge storm and a limb/tree falls on your roof you’ll have a huge repair cost. Also if a large tree is that close to a house the roots could push/grow into the foundation and cause leaking in the basement or structural problems.  Trim these trees away from your property immediately.

One good lightning storm and this house is done!

Wont my landlords insurance cover all of this  No, look at your declarations page (dec pages) and see how and what’s covered. Call your agent too and double check. But from my experience and the states I’ve lived in the dec pages say the damage will only be covered if its Sudden and Accidental. Which basically means it couldn’t have been prevented.

Check these points in your rentals, and add them to your new leases.  Let us know your thoughts. Hope it helps.

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