Quick Landlord Tip – Insurance

Chaos in the streets. In some cities it’s probably not as bad as you think, and the National Guard has been called in, in many states. I don’t like to take any chances with these things though. So I closely reviewed my insurance policy. I was covered properly. This is what needs to be reviewed:

Make sure you’re insured for riots and civil unrest. Look through your Dec Pages. If these terms aren’t listed make sure you are covered for vandalism, you can also add burglary coverage. Make sure you are insured against arson/fires.

The properties must be insured for their proper use. If its an investment property make sure your agent knows, and you get a landlord policy.

If the property is owned by your LLC the insurance company must know that and the LLC name may have to be written on the policy as well too. If there is a claim and its insured under your name, but an LLC owns it, this may be a way for the insurance co. to deny the claim and not pay out. Check your agents requirements and also see what is required in your state.

These properties are your investments and every aspect of your investment has to be running properly. Insurance is sometimes overlooked but is a very important part in preserving your real estate.

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