Landlord Essentials

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: This has all the real estate terminology you’ll need. I’ll look things up that I don’t know and flip through it when I have spare time. I always learn something new.

MIni LED Flashlights: I always carry one with me when I go to a unit. Look under the sink, or in a dark basement. It’s also useful to shine on the walls to look for water marks.

Pocket Knife: I also carry this with the flashlight when I go to my units. Check on cracking cement, walls, rotting wood, cut and remove unnecessary things. You’ll end up using it more than you think.

Voltage Detector: Test outlets/wires to see if they’re live or not. Also make sure they’re installed correct and don’t have reverse polarity.

Dewalt Cordless Drill: This is the drill I use. It’s light and powerful.

Master Lock Key Box: I’ll leave one of these attached to a back fence so I always have a key, if I forget mine, or if the unit needs to be shown.