How to start your day off with confidence

I often see and hear people complaining that it’s not the weekend, or I see people yawning constantly.  Or I can tell by people’s faces as I pass them on their way to work that they’re tired and worn out, and lacking confidence. I know these people are mentally and physically weak.

For a point in my life I could relate, however unlike 99% of the world I actually took physical action.   I decided I’m better than these people and I can prove it. 

I decided to wake up an hour earlier – at 6am.  I immediately put on my shorts and gym shoes and depending on what part of the world I’m in I get on the treadmill or run around the block for just 20 minutes. That’s right just run, when I’m done I’ll do some push-ups and sit-ups not that many just knock out a couple dozen.  I do this 5 days a week, and within a couple weeks you’ll see that fat just melting off your body. I have a 6 pack and I’m in my late 30s as of 2019.  I also box and keep a decent diet, but more on that later.

The point of this is waking up early.  You know everyone is still asleep at 6am but you’re up running around the block.  Think of how you will feel when you get to work and your loser co-workers are chugging coffee and yawning all day, while being overweight.  You’ll have a much more positive outlook on life when you know you challenged yourself 3 hours before the work day.  This confidence will be reflected in all aspects of your life.  You’ll take more pride in your body and your work, others will notice, your boss will notice, girls will notice, strangers will notice. But most important you will care less of what others think because you know you can out work them, without a doubt.

All things being equal would a manager want to hire someone that is average or someone that has challenged himself 3 hours before work even began?  Would a girl want someone that has a flat stomach and the will power to challenge himself day in and day out?

This is just a small 20-minute challenge every day that will drastically improve your life. Do this for a month straight and see results in all aspects in life guaranteed. 

If you live in an apartment without a gym in the basement, then just run around the block or down the street.  Set your timer on your phone for 10 minutes and just run, when the timer turns off, turn around and head back. Easiest thing ever.  If you live in a house just buy a treadmill for a few hundred bucks and run in the comfort of your own home.  So easy and such a huge life improvement.  Also, don’t forget to stretch out.  If you can’t run the whole time, walk, then run, just get out there and do it!  There is no excuse not to make this small change in your life.

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