Cold-Calling at a Boiler Room

My first job after college was at a boiler room in Detroit.

Yes, like the movie Boiler Room we would sit in a cubicles and call to try to sell financial and insurance products. There are many financial firms that recruit heavily out of college and get many young people to work for them, by promising them the world. The college kids just get churned until they burn out and leave, then they’ll hire more. This is a story about cold calling in a boiler room when I was in my young 20s. How I was promised the world but realized it was nonsense. Durning our training sessions they would actually play the movies Wall Street and Boiler Room to get us all pumped up.

Be careful who recruits you out of school, and don’t waste your time at a non-reputable firm. Fortunately I was only there for 6 months.