3 Real World Examples of Weak Men

When you’re young and in school its natural to be intimidated in front of a pretty girl.  You learn your lessons after she may boss you around, cheat on you, or just ignore you.  But by the time you’re grown every man should know that if a girl can boss you around she will realize she doesn’t need you, will lose respect for you and move on to find a real man.  Like Dante Nero said “If you let a woman define you it won’t be long before you ain’t shit!”

We’ll start from least bad to the worst (well, they’re all bad)…

I was on a subway in Beijing last year and was standing next to a young foreign couple.  They had an accent I recognized as British.  I overheard them taking and they were talking about young people things, school, new job, and stuff like that.  Then the next stop came and a flood of people walked in, it quickly became nut to butt.  I realized the couple wasn’t married or anything serious, because in an attempt to move out of the way for new passengers and a pathetic attempt for affection from the girl he said delicately, “can I just?”  Then he awkwardly moved his hands up to her shoulders as they both stood facing the door.  She was like “Yeah” quietly.  I’m standing right next to this loser the whole time and after I heard him ask permission to touch her shoulder. I realized it was game over for him.  Way too unconfident and scared.  She knew she didn’t need him.   

A while ago my wife and I were looking for new furniture in a popular furniture store in Chicago.  I didn’t want to be there but we needed new stuff for our condo.  So I’m walking around looking at things and there was a couple probably somewhere in their 30s doing the same, when all of a sudden the girl got upset because I guess the guy wasn’t moving fast enough and she said very loud “You’re just standing there playing with your dick!” Then the emasculated guy just sighed and went with it, and slinked away. I couldn’t believe what I just heard! I’m getting upset right now as I write this. I was in shock, I almost said something, knowing if this guy lets a woman talk to him like that, he wouldn’t be a threat to me If I said something to him. But I made the right choice and said nothing. I told my wife and she just laughed a little. I guess that’s all you can do when you see a completely feminized man.

And the last real life example but certainty not least is from my last trip to NYC.

We were walking down the street in Manhattan and of course there’s a lot of traffic there and walking in front of us was another young couple.  They were getting ready to cross the street when a car turned and drove right in front of them, the guy did what he’s supposed to do and put his hand on the girls shoulder and said calmly “careful” or something like ‘’look out”.  Just being a normal guy looking out for the girl he’s with.  Immediately she says “I don’t need you to look after me” In a very angry way.  Again, the guy just sighed and did nothing. I couldn’t believe it.  My thought was the guy should just immediately say ok, and leave. But no, he didn’t because he must have been a very insecure desperate man.

I can never understand why men act like this.  Well, actually I can, they are insecure and don’t have any self confidence, mainly because they’ve accomplished little, don’t know who they are or what they’re capable of, and have weak fathers.  Men, don’t ever reward a woman with your time and energy if she talks to you like this.  She will eventually leave you for a real man if you do stay with her.

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