If you’ve been following my Instagram this summer you’ve seen I took a cross country trip. I wanted to sum up the trip briefly for you.

We were able to drive across the country for a month because of how we set up our investments. We sacrificed a lot and now we have freedom. There aren’t that many people that can do this in life, we want to make this a priority in our family.

Our rentals are being taken care of by a management company. That I still have to talk to every couple days because something is always happening. We decided to do this and we just left with out all the hotels booked in advance.

After we left Chicago we headed to Mt. Rushmore. But on the way there we stopped by Mall of America. The place sucked. Don’t go there. But Rushmore was amazing to see. I brought binoculars and could actually see the irises in their eyes.

After that there is pretty much nothing and we were driving 95mph on the express way. We stopped to see Yellowstone Park, there were so many wild animals there and a couple buffalo actually walked within 5ft of our car.

Next major stop was Seattle. Hills, seafood, and legal weed. Its a nice city very hilly not walkable at all. The original Starbucks was there which is a huge tourist trap. Its right in their Pike Market district where we had the best clam chowder of my life. The waiters in the restaurants there make $15 an hr. So theres really no need to tip and its not encouraged. Which made me think, my first job after 4 years of college I made the same and these hipsters cleaning tables make that amount. They try to justify it and to be honest if the people still go there and eat, then the market supports it and it can continue. Im sure a few places did go out of business, but not where we where there were a lot of people all over in the bars and restaurants, so Im sure that rate will only increase over time.

The weed is also taxed at 16% there. I bought an edible and ate it before bed. Got a little dizzy feeling but that was it. Weeds really not my thing but I had to try it.

Went down to Oregon and thats where I started getting really pissed off. In that worthless state me being a grown man, I can’t even pump my own gas! The service at the gas stations is horrible, and I eventually asked what is going on. It turns out the state government made it illegal to pump your own gas because it would make the unemployment rate go down. What they did is create 30K jobs just by making that stupid law. So what ever Oregons unemployment number is add 30K people to it, because it takes away the option from the peoples free market and freedom of choice. Another example of the government cooking the books and controlling everything down to the micro level. Outside of that, Portland was a shithole. There were bums all over and garbage with food shacks on the street. We stayed for 1 day and got the hell out of there. (This was just the beginning of bums and garbage)

Drove through the redwoods and those were amazing. These trees are hundreds of feet tall, and thousands of years old. Absolutely amazing, you have to see these. The drive down California is so cool to see, the ocean views are something I’ve never seen anything before. Just seeing the vastness of our country is something I’ve never even thought of, there is so much land in this country and so much nature, forests, wildlife, and open space. So we saw a lot, did a lot and couldn’t wait to get to San Fran, our next stop.

OK when I think of San Fran I think of billionaire tech geeks, and an amazing city with so much to do. Well not so much. Our hotel was nice at $600 a night. But when we stepped outside the city was full of trash and bums walking around. There was so much trash in the street I have never seen anything like that anywhere I have traveled, including Asia. We literally couldn’t walk 1 block without being harassed by a bum asking for money. I heard the rumor that there were a lot of Vietnam vets that ended up homeless there, but this is clearly not the case any more. The majority of these bums were in their 20s and 30s, and all seemed able bodied. We were down at pier 31 eating crab and after dinner we walked into a CVS store to grab something. There was a woman about 30 years old in there buying a bottle of Mohawk Vodka and paying with a bucket of change that she collected from begging at the pier! She wasn’t buying food for her family she was buying booze with all her change. This is why I don’t give money to people on the streets. The next day there was another guy about in his 20s that walked into the coffee shop and just stood there until someone bought him a sandwich. These people that give them money are such losers that they don’t understand if you incentivize laziness you get more of it. Another reason there are so many bums on the West Coast, people incentivize it. I was sick of San Fran and ready to leave, there were beautiful houses there. The Golden Gate Bridge had a great view of the city, and the seafood was great! However I will never go back.

One last story of the trip, we experienced the exact opposite.

Probably the nicest place in California was Napa Valley. It was clean, the people were nice, and the drinks were great. We stayed in a small hotel in Yountville, we could walk everywhere and the neighbourhood was laid out so nice. We walked to the Chandon Vineyard and split a bottle there while looking across at the hills of vines. I brought a few bottles and glasses back to the hotel and I ended up drinking 3 bottles of sparkling wine before dinner. I couldn’t drink any more so I had a few waters and then we walked a block to this French restaurant. We ordered the 2 tier seafood dish. There was every kid of shell fish you could imagine on these plates and we ate the whole thing. I ended up having another drink while I was there too. At the end of the meal the waiter comes to our table and tells us he usually doesn’t see people finish the whole thing. I was so drunk I told him I left 1 oyster on the plate for my dead homies. I have no idea how I came up with that. However this area was so damn nice I will definitely be back, there was also hot air balloon rides but you had to be there at 5am, so that wasn’t happening.

There were many other places we saw and things we did, but this is already my longest post to date, and I could probably write a whole book on this trip.

I want you to think, where would you go if you were free? Would you travel across your country, or overseas?

What are you going to do starting right now to become free!?