Living in Chicago it is extremely cold in the winter. Yes the wind does whip in between these buildings and the temperature with the wind chill is easily below 0ºF.

I was tired of being so cold. Waiting outside for an Uber or just walking to the grocery store became dreadful. I decided I wasn’t ever going to be cold like this again. I took

action, I bought a Jacket that I’ve heard good things about before, and I researched online. The jacket I bought was Canada Goose Wyndham Parka – Men’s Black Large

Instantly I could tell the difference with this jacket. Finally I’m not miserable in the winter!

I wear a large and it fits well. Made in Canada it has goose down in it and it is extremely warm. Much warmer that my North Face and better fit too. The jacket zips up high so that it acts as a neck warmer as well. The zipper is heavy duty and very thick. When zipped up I can walk out of my

building and onto the street, when I do that the wind is usually blowing very hard. This jacket blocks the wind really well to the point that I can barely even feel it. I wear a tee shirt and a long sleeve shirt over it then put on the jacket and its fine. I did wear just a tee

shirt out to go pick up a carry out and I could feel the wind a little bit. The Jacket has a removable hood and attached to that is a removable strip of coyote fur to block the wind and water from dripping off the hood onto your face. Only when snowing or really cold out do I wear

the hood. I don’t like hoods and just think that they get in the way. I also don’t like the way they look. It will be useful during the heavy snow storms though. You can also roll the hood out a little so it wraps around your face. The sleeves wrap around my wrists so that cold air

can’t blow up my arms. Its really blocks all the areas that wind can get to your body. Theres a couple inside pockets and 4 pockets on the outside with 2-2 way zippers. It takes a while to get used to but I can fit everything I need in them.

Since I’ve bought this I’ve seen so many people around Chicago wearing this. Just walking down Halstead I saw 4 people wearing a Canada Goose today. They are really popular. In China they are everywhere too. However they are all fake. No exceptions, if you find this brand in Asia do

not buy; they are all fake, and they do not have actual goose down in them. They could be stuffed with newspaper or cardboard. In Beijing there were many stores filled with fake Montclair and Canada Goose jackets. The fakes were everywhere. The real jackets have a life time

warranty on any defects, not wear and tear but if anything goes wrong with the jacket they will fix or replace it.

Over all I’ve never had a jacket this warm or this expensive. I paid $1,000 for it but it was definitely worth it and a small price to pay to never be cold in the winter again.

Check out a few pics of it below, and if you are tired of being miserable in the winter I highly suggest you purchase a Canada Goose.

A hologram in every jacket to combat counterfeiting

The price you pay for warmth and quality.