I’m currently traveling around China and I’m writing this in a high speed train going 200 mph from Beijing to Shanghai.

This is the second time I’ve been to China. Or as Trump pronounces it Gyna! Try it, it’s fun to say…

I’ve noticed that now that I’m back in Beijing there are some new things that weren’t here before. The new buildings are still popping up. Everywhere. The growth and building boom doesn’t stop.
The government tried to stop it by passing a law saying that an individual or a family cannot buy a second house anymore. They want to limit speculation and their goal was to lower home prices. Well, it worked in reverse the housing prices went up even more. Now a million $ gets you 900sqft in downtown Beijing.

Buying dinner is so easy here the price on the menu is what you pay. Tax is included and there is no such thing as tipping!
You can get a full breakfast for $5 and a nice dinner for 2 for about $40! with drinks.
What I haven’t seen before is that every restaurant no has an option to pay with your phone they bring you the check and wait for you to scan it then you’re done. Very simple! There’s always leftovers too. Most stores and restaurants have the scanning option, it’s like apple pay and it is extremely popular in China. I’ve never seen anyone use it in America. The app is called we-chat. It’s a texting/social app that is also linked to your bank account and all Chinese are on it.

We went to this luxury mall in Beijing. I have never seen anything like it in my life. There’s a big outside courtyard that you can enter the mall and most stores from and in that courtyard were advertisements for fine Italian suits with the pictures of the guys from Metallica! We entered the mall and there’s a doorman to greet you and he bows when you walk in. A guy actually bows to you when you enter the mall. Every Euro and American luxury brand was there. I’ve never seen most of them, there were a lot of Italian clothiers there. I looked at some of the tags and realized they were double the price of America. We went in to Dolce and Gabbana because my wife was looking at some shoes. The same shoes we saw in Chicago were double the price, the luxury tax makes everything double the price in China. But people were still buying. The mall was extremely nice and it was packed with people. There were even heated toilet seats.

The luxury tax doesn’t really stop the rich from buying goods, every day I see luxury cars. I saw a Maybach yesterday parked outside our condo. In America those are around 250K double that for China.

Another new thing I noticed is that every store and restaurant delivers. The streets are flooded with delivery drivers on scooters either wearing all yellow or red. We had 2 cups of coffee delivered to our condo the other day. We don’t ever need to leave the house to get anything we want.

Can’t wait to see what Shanghai has in store for me.