I’m writing this literally flying across Russia on the way to Chicago from Beijing.

There’s a fat piece of shit sitting across the isle from me. He’s completely over weight and for the last 2 hours he’s been sleeping like a shit log.

The problem is he’s snoring. Loud as hell and he won’t stop.

I’m snapping my fingers at him to try to see if he’ll wake up real quick. He won’t.

Before he fell asleep he was coughing and sneezing.

All of this is because he is selfish. He has no self control over what he puts in his body. He’s a fat worthless slob. If he was in shape this snoring problem would not exist. He’s gasping for air because he’s a glutton.

I am having fantasies about punching him in the face!

I just yelled Stop Snoring!! Please!

He woke up all confused. What a piece of shit. I think he just stopped.

You can’t be scared of confrontation especially when you are dealing with a fat glutton. You have to let them know when they are being low class. If it’s affecting you say something.

Stop being lazy and take care of your body so you’re not a snoring savage that annoys everyone.

Goddamnit he just started to snore again.

Seriously just lose 50lbs and take care of your body. How much do you hate yourself to be a snoring , coughing glutton.

Don’t expect to become successful or get a skinny girl if you can’t even take care of your own body.

I have 7 more hours on this flight. Time to turn on loud metal music in my headphones to drown out this selfish piece of shit next me.

Take care of your body and speak up if someone is being a piece of shit… Which I’m about to do again right now.

Well the flight is over and the whole time he was either snoring or coughing. What I also noticed is that he ate both meals that were served in there entirety. I didn’t eat any of them because they are horrible. I would rather starve than eat that shit.

So now he stands up and he’s wearing white pants. Well guess what? and I swear I am not making this up… He shit himself. There is a huge brown shit stain all over the seat of his pants!

This was the most unbelievable flight, and it made me realize from coughing to snoring to shitting your pants. All of this because he can’t control what he puts in his body because he is selfish.