Starting in November for the rest of the year I’m going to be traveling across China. Something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I probably won’t be posting any new blog articles but I will have many stories when I come back. Last time I was there I climbed the Great Wall on new year eve, and explored Beijing. The cities are really alive and they’re twice the size of New York. When you’re in Beijing in the winter most, well, all buildings, stores, cabs don’t use heat. Individual condo unit might but any common area doesn’t use it. What they do is turn it on to maybe 50 just so the pipes don’t freeze. All of the people leave their coat on when they eat or shop. To the Westerner it seems ridiculous and inconvenient but to the Asians its normal. The cabs don’t use heat because they don’t want to use up any more gas than they have to. People are always looking to save money there. In Beijing they don’t get snow so that is one good part of the winter. All the restaurants have big cloth windbreakers over the doors so if the door doesn’t close the big curtain will swing back and block the wind. Its hard to describe, Ill try to post it on Instagram. We’re going down to Shanghai and from what I hear its much warmer and more Westerners there too. Seems its a little more cosmopolitan. But with everything in China I’m always surprised. From there the island of Hainan were we can have some time on the beach. Then before going back to Beijing we’re going to see the terra-cotta warriors.

So this time I’ll make sure to bring everything I need unlike last time, like Tums, and pills for my stomach. The food there is really good and fresh, however you never know what you’re going to run into. They don’t have convenience stores on every corner like we do in the U.S.
In most restaurants and malls there aren’t Western toilets. They have squat pots, basically a hole on the ground that you squat over. You can’t flush any paper down there and usually there is a can to throw the paper in.
Its always a great experience to travel and not having modern conveniences is part of the adventure. When I was in Beijing last there was a building going up that was selling for $1,000/sqft, thats basically NY prices. It will be nice to see this thing completed, which I assume will have heat in the common areas. Everyday the city changes and grows. There are always Bentleys, Ferraris, and every kind of luxury car, right next to $10 bicycles. Every day people from the country come into the city and the city grows. It keeps increasing its boundaries every year. The demand is huge for city living and I’m excited to see the new changes.

I have a professional Canon camera to take much better pictures and I will be posting them.

See you next year,