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The Stock Market Rise from President Trump


As of 2-15-17 the stock market is up 5% YTD! This is unbelievable and the levels are already hitting analysts year end targets, in only 6 weeks. This all started with Trumps acceptance speech. When he won the election and Hillary didn’t show her embarrassed face, the futures plummeted down I believe 800 points. When I saw those futures drop I immediately sent 8 grand that I had sitting in my checking to my brokerage account. I thought I’d be getting in on this pull back because it was an over reaction and there was no rational reason for this. A businessman just got elected and I knew the market would go back up.


Then immediately when Trump started to talk the futures rose up 100 points then 200 then 300 until it was back to where it was, in positive territory. His speech was calm and collected it wasn’t crazy or threatening, like many were expecting.  All of a sudden the stock market was fine with him, just after one speech. As for my 8 grand I sent to the brokerage account, when the market opened the next day it was higher than the day before. So I missed out on the huge dip, however I already made 5% in 6 weeks this year. Trump announced that he is going to be revealing a huge tax cut next week, and for the last 5 days the market went up 100 points a day. I know this can’t last forever and he has a lot going against him no matter how much the market goes up people will hate him. But that doesn’t matter. He is pro American business, and what do tens of millions of Americans own in their IRAs and 401Ks? American businesses.


When Trump talks the market listens. What I suggest everyone do is to max out their retirement accounts and invest for the long term. Catch this Trump wave and grow your money. There are many people complaining and rioting they’re doing nothing productive, they could be making money. Whats going to benefit them and their families in the future more, complaining or making more money for future generations. People are putting a lot of time and effort into negative things that don’t benefit anyone, when the answer is right in font of them.  I’m growing my investments. I hope you are too. If you don’t know how to I may be linking up with some independent financial advisors that can help you. But you need to get in and enjoy it for the long term.



How To Lose Weight (Guaranteed)

A full book could be written about this but I’m going to sum it up in <1,000 words. I'm 6'2 and currently weigh 183. Whenever I start eating or drinking a lot and I start gaining weight, I realize what I have to do. You have to catch this before its irreversible and you need surgery. Start by eliminating these 4 items. Beer, Bread, Salt, and Sugar! Its going to be hard but these are the things that make you fat. If you're going to drink alcohol you can drink 1-2 oz. of clear liquor a day. To some thats a lot, its basically 1 drink a night, which is nothing. Never eat bread! This will make you gain weight guaranteed. Cut it completely out of your diet. 100% gone! Salt and sugar are in everything. Only drink straight tea or black coffee in the morning. No more Starbucks just straight black coffee and make it at home. Bring tea bags to work. Whatever you do, do not eat/drink sugar. Here is your new diet…

Do this for a month and get back to me, you will lose weight no matter what.


2-3+ eggs. and an avocado, or bowl of broccoli, or bowl of green veggies.

I know eating broccoli in the morning may be foreign to most of us, but do it, it tastes great. You’ll get your protein first thing in the morning and your vitamins too.


Banana and or handful of almonds (drink water throughout the day)


Salad this is the most important part eat a salad with olive oil and vinegar only. Add some lemon juice if you want. You can also add a can of sardines, tuna, oysters. Whichever you’d like, this is going to be the most important meal. As you know, you and your co-workers will probably go out to lunch and get a burger or a sub and bitch about how shitty your job is. I know it’s tempting to go out with the boys at lunch and bond but you can’t any more. Either go to a grocery store that has a salad bar or bring your own. This will pay off, I promise.
Your stomach will probably feel very different throughout the day because there is no bread or greasy food in it at lunch. When you get back from lunch drink hot water. This is what no one else knows about. Warm/hot water will soothe your stomach and help digestion. No more cold pop or cold water. Drink it warm at lunch and aid the digestion.


All natural protein/snack bar. And/or Apple. Peanut butter optional.


You made it this far. Now what to eat for dinner.

Chicken, or turkey, or salmon. Brussel sprouts, and or asparagus, spinach, something green. Once in a while eat a nice steak. Just meat and veggies.

If you need another snack eat another apple with peanut butter.

This is going to be very difficult, I know. This will work though!


People That Actually Receive A Rent Check Every Day

There are some people that are actually making it in this business that aren’t bullshitting. It’s rare to find them but heres a couple examples. I personally know a few people that have 30 rental units. I’m sure they have all their checks paid to them on one day of the month, but in theory it can be setup as a check a day, and it’s nice to imagine having a check sent to you every day in perpetuity.  They are all people a generation above me. Like my parents age. 60-70.

Not my parents. They are losers. But other people’s parents.


So here’s a couple stories about them.


One is a girl I knew, her dad owns a State Farm agency in the middle of Michigan.It’s a small town outside of Lansing. From what I learned about his system is that his main business is obviously the insurance agency and he has been buying single family houses is his hometown for years and he finally acquired 30.  He plans to grow slowly from there and sell his business to his kids.  With this insurance agency he can profit a few ways from this business. He insures all of his houses through his agency and he also can sell the renters rental insurance through his agency. Its not that much revenue but he is still making money a few different ways on these houses. It’s a small town so he just has the tenants come into the state farm and pay the rent. While they’re there he also tries to cross sell the tenants on auto insurance. If the tenant decides to buy a house in a few years he also will sell them home owners insurance and any other products he can. This is extremely smart and proves to be very lucrative for him.  When he retires from State Farm he going to have really good income coming in from his years of real estate investing.

Another is a friend from college

His dad was a dentist and he bought 30 single family houses in his small town in central Ohio.

My friend was telling me his dad started buying before he was born and what he would do is buy 1 a year with 30% down and every one of them was a three-two. Three beds, 2 baths.

When he was younger he would do most of the work himself. As he got older what his dad did and another benefit of knowing people in a small town is he found a young guy my friends age that was handy,

he gave him a free house to live in and 30K a year to manage and maintain all of his properties. The guy that maintains the houses loves it. His wife is a nurse so they have health insurance through her and they will never have to worry about a mortgage.

There is a distant cousin of mine who is very wealthy.

I’m not too close with him but when I see him we talk about real estate. He does thing a little different though. He owns apartment buildings totaling 30 units, in a blue-collar suburb of Detroit. He owns a large distribution company in Detroit and lives a huge

house and drives exotic cars. At the same time he does all the work to these buildings himself and he even cuts the grass at his own house. I can’t understand this guy he is so cheap he won’t even hire a kid for $40 a month to cut his damn grass. He told me this and I couldn’t

believe it. He says he paints all his rental properties too. This is the exact opposite of what he should be doing because he is turning his real estate business into a second job for himself. But he won’t listen. I told him focus on your main business where you can make millions and

hire all his manual labor out, just have your real estate passive. But he won’t. Some how he finds time to do it all, and doesn’t seem to mind, and it works for him, he’s very wealthy. Stubborn, but wealthy. Who am I to tell a multi-millionaire what to do with his time or

business. But just imagine if his tenants knew who he really was when he was over at the apartment building painting the walls? Why is there a millionaire painting the building?

Another is my plumber.

He and his dad have been buying for years in this specific area in Detroit city. He told me he worked at the bank for a while and he couldn’t stand it, he just hated it. So he learned plumbing and started working with his dad.

It turns out he grew up in this area so they know it very well. The property is still somewhat cheap there and is slowly increasing in value. His dad owns 15 duplexes there, and he owns four. He said he keeps buying and pays one off every year. He mostly just rents to college

students and he says it’s easy money. It makes me think he hated the bank so much that he would rather be a plumber and work with shit all day. So whats the point to go to an average college to get a job like that. I’d rather be a plumber and real estate investor too. He will eventually take over his dads properties and have a very nice portfolio.


These people are actually doing it. They all have some things in common. Long term investing, and having a day job while they build their side business.

There is an option for these people to retire but they don’t want to. I think the younger generation wants more freedom and thats how I set up my business and many other people my age are too.

Keep in mind when these people started investing there was no internet available.

Whatever way works for you its going to take serious time, but it is possible.


The Myth of Making $5,000 in 5 Hours

There are a few bloggers and real estate hype-men that promise you that making money by renting houses out is quick and even easy. Saying that they make money hand over fist month after month and that it’s basically like an annuity payment.

There are some that say they make $5,000 in 5 hours!

There’s a couple problems with these claims.

Yes I own rentals and most of the time I receive my money every month without too much of a hassle or too many man hours. With that said I own real estate in the nicest neighborhoods in Metro Detroit and Chicago city. Yes, for the people that hate Detroit there are very affluent,

and safe areas in and especially around the city.

I’ll use myself as an example:

If I receive 10k a month in rent payments (which I come close to every month, post on that coming soon) and I only have to be on the phone for an hour that month calling my property manager, and spend an hour at a house meeting with a contractor, that doesn’t mean I made 10k in 2 hours.

If I could make 10k in 2 hrs. extrapolate that over a full work week. This would make me damn near 10 million a year. I know for sure I wouldn’t be here writing this I’d be in a tax haven and not telling anybody about it.

When people say they only had to do a few hours of work this month and made thousands. Sure it’s true but you are not making that money consistently over every hour or the work day.

In the example above making 10k a month if it were the only thing I did for income and was my full time business it would equal to $62 an hour or the example in the title of this article would be $31 an hour.

No one is going to write an article bragging about how they make $31 an hour or 60K a year.

They also aren’t taking into account all of the repairs and labor they had to do the previous months before. A personal example again, I had to repipe part of a rental property when I bought it and do some serious plumbing repairs. That ate into my profit that month. I made 4k less

after that bill and I spent hours there with the contractor trying to solve this problem and watching them rip open the walls. Those examples are rare but the example is given to show that there will be times when your returns fluctuate and its not all gravy.

This business is not easy or quick. I have most of my properties paid for which is a huge advantage.

Also if you have less than 10 properties and you have a vacancy or 2, or a major repair. That can drastically hurt your business.

You will be juggling swords trying to pay all of the mortgages and make repairs, tax, and insurance.

Don’t fall into this trap that it so easy or you’re going to get rich in real estate. Unless you own hundreds of houses it will be very difficult to make thousands of dollars an hour.

But that is what we’re striving for!


Canada Goose – Wyndham Parka

Living in Chicago it is extremely cold in the winter. Yes the wind does whip in between these buildings and the temperature with the wind chill is easily below 0ºF.

I was tired of being so cold. Waiting outside for an Uber or just walking to the grocery store became dreadful. I decided I wasn’t ever going to be cold like this again. I took

action, I bought a Jacket that I’ve heard good things about before, and I researched online. The jacket I bought was Canada Goose Wyndham Parka – Men’s Black Large

Instantly I could tell the difference with this jacket. Finally I’m not miserable in the winter!

I wear a large and it fits well. Made in Canada it has goose down in it and it is extremely warm. Much warmer that my North Face and better fit too. The jacket zips up high so that it acts as a neck warmer as well. The zipper is heavy duty and very thick. When zipped up I can walk out of my

building and onto the street, when I do that the wind is usually blowing very hard. This jacket blocks the wind really well to the point that I can barely even feel it. I wear a tee shirt and a long sleeve shirt over it then put on the jacket and its fine. I did wear just a tee

shirt out to go pick up a carry out and I could feel the wind a little bit. The Jacket has a removable hood and attached to that is a removable strip of coyote fur to block the wind and water from dripping off the hood onto your face. Only when snowing or really cold out do I wear

the hood. I don’t like hoods and just think that they get in the way. I also don’t like the way they look. It will be useful during the heavy snow storms though. You can also roll the hood out a little so it wraps around your face. The sleeves wrap around my wrists so that cold air

can’t blow up my arms. Its really blocks all the areas that wind can get to your body. Theres a couple inside pockets and 4 pockets on the outside with 2-2 way zippers. It takes a while to get used to but I can fit everything I need in them.

Since I’ve bought this I’ve seen so many people around Chicago wearing this. Just walking down Halstead I saw 4 people wearing a Canada Goose today. They are really popular. In China they are everywhere too. However they are all fake. No exceptions, if you find this brand in Asia do

not buy; they are all fake, and they do not have actual goose down in them. They could be stuffed with newspaper or cardboard. In Beijing there were many stores filled with fake Montclair and Canada Goose jackets. The fakes were everywhere. The real jackets have a life time

warranty on any defects, not wear and tear but if anything goes wrong with the jacket they will fix or replace it.

Over all I’ve never had a jacket this warm or this expensive. I paid $1,000 for it but it was definitely worth it and a small price to pay to never be cold in the winter again.

Check out a few pics of it below, and if you are tired of being miserable in the winter I highly suggest you purchase a Canada Goose.

A hologram in every jacket to combat counterfeiting

The price you pay for warmth and quality.


The Chris Farley Show-Book Review


As I flew 13 hours to Beijing I loaded up my phone with podcasts and audiobooks.

One of the books was The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts

By Tom Farley and Tanner Colby

I always was a huge fan of Chris Farley and remember watching him on TV in high

school and laughing my ass off. Then in college we had all his movies in our dorm

room. Even now I’ll still watch a YouTube clip of him once in a while.

So I saw his book on audible and decided to download it. I thought it was just going

to be a comedy and I’d be laughing, which I did a lot. But there was a much more

dark and scary side to Chris that I had no Idea about.

The book started with him and his huge Irish Catholic family in Madison WI. It

turns out that Chris was a practicing Catholic all through his life, and actually had a

very close relationship with his priest Matt Foley. The same name as the

motivational speaker character. But he was

also extremely superstitious because of his religion. When he was a kid he was so

afraid of the devil being in his closet that he would often

go sleep in his brothers room. This painted a very scary picture for me. The fact that

a child was so afraid of this mythical being in his head that he would lose sleep over

it made me feel pity for people like that. It’s not a good way to spend your


You could see how patterns of paranoia worked together with addiction problems to

ruin his life.

The book talks about when Chris had his first drink and how over time it developed

into problem that was out of his control.

There were however many fun and funny parts like when Chris told this girl he was

an aerobics instructor and then proceeded to do a backflip while he was in a bar. I

instantly visualized it, this book created many visuals in my head. Chis did get hot

chicks but he would always get

so nervous with them and end up making everyone feel really awkward. He would

play with a girls hair and say gee you really are perddy. It makes me laugh because

again I can see that in my mind.

What really shocked me was this life long battle with addiction, food, drugs,

hookers, and booze. All while being nervous and paranoid. He had a nervous habit

of tapping the floor twice or knocking on a wall or something to “even it out”.

This is beyond crazy, I felt really

bad for someone that messed up with those habits and mindset.

He lived in the Hancock Tower in Chicago, I know right where that is I live close to it.

It brought a more personal feel to the book. Unfortunately it’s also where he died.

When Chris lived in Chicago he was actually sober for 3 years.

Then the stress of not getting the right scrip or not having a movie

turn out the way he wanted it got to him. Now this made me think, I’ve never been

addicted to anything in my life. I do have some former friends who are addicts, and

I never understood why they

would continue to use. I compared Chris to my friends and thought why won’t he

just stop?! He has everything he could ever want and has so much more potential,

just stop! Well in Chris’s life, like in the peoples lives that I know, there is no

listening to reason or logic.

There is something inside of you that won’t listen to reason and just keeps telling

you to use, and use. Maybe there was a devil inside of him after all?


There is so much more to this book and it is very well written. Most books and

podcasts I’ll listen to while doing other activities and I won’t pay attention that close,

this book however I was glued to it. It created many pictures in my head and

elicited emotions from me and it’s rare that a book can do that.

R.I.P. – The Legend Chris Farley


Beijing: The not so hidden dragon


I’m currently traveling around China and I’m writing this in a high speed train going 200 mph from Beijing to Shanghai.

This is the second time I’ve been to China. Or as Trump pronounces it Gyna! Try it, it’s fun to say…

I’ve noticed that now that I’m back in Beijing there are some new things that weren’t here before. The new buildings are still popping up. Everywhere. The growth and building boom doesn’t stop.
The government tried to stop it by passing a law saying that an individual or a family cannot buy a second house anymore. They want to limit speculation and their goal was to lower home prices. Well, it worked in reverse the housing prices went up even more. Now a million $ gets you 900sqft in downtown Beijing.

Buying dinner is so easy here the price on the menu is what you pay. Tax is included and there is no such thing as tipping!
You can get a full breakfast for $5 and a nice dinner for 2 for about $40! with drinks.
What I haven’t seen before is that every restaurant no has an option to pay with your phone they bring you the check and wait for you to scan it then you’re done. Very simple! There’s always leftovers too. Most stores and restaurants have the scanning option, it’s like apple pay and it is extremely popular in China. I’ve never seen anyone use it in America. The app is called we-chat. It’s a texting/social app that is also linked to your bank account and all Chinese are on it.

We went to this luxury mall in Beijing. I have never seen anything like it in my life. There’s a big outside courtyard that you can enter the mall and most stores from and in that courtyard were advertisements for fine Italian suits with the pictures of the guys from Metallica! We entered the mall and there’s a doorman to greet you and he bows when you walk in. A guy actually bows to you when you enter the mall. Every Euro and American luxury brand was there. I’ve never seen most of them, there were a lot of Italian clothiers there. I looked at some of the tags and realized they were double the price of America. We went in to Dolce and Gabbana because my wife was looking at some shoes. The same shoes we saw in Chicago were double the price, the luxury tax makes everything double the price in China. But people were still buying. The mall was extremely nice and it was packed with people. There were even heated toilet seats.

The luxury tax doesn’t really stop the rich from buying goods, every day I see luxury cars. I saw a Maybach yesterday parked outside our condo. In America those are around 250K double that for China.

Another new thing I noticed is that every store and restaurant delivers. The streets are flooded with delivery drivers on scooters either wearing all yellow or red. We had 2 cups of coffee delivered to our condo the other day. We don’t ever need to leave the house to get anything we want.

Can’t wait to see what Shanghai has in store for me.

Stop being selfish


I’m writing this literally flying across Russia on the way to Chicago from Beijing.

There’s a fat piece of shit sitting across the isle from me. He’s completely over weight and for the last 2 hours he’s been sleeping like a shit log.

The problem is he’s snoring. Loud as hell and he won’t stop.

I’m snapping my fingers at him to try to see if he’ll wake up real quick. He won’t.

Before he fell asleep he was coughing and sneezing.

All of this is because he is selfish. He has no self control over what he puts in his body. He’s a fat worthless slob. If he was in shape this snoring problem would not exist. He’s gasping for air because he’s a glutton.

I am having fantasies about punching him in the face!

I just yelled Stop Snoring!! Please!

He woke up all confused. What a piece of shit. I think he just stopped.

You can’t be scared of confrontation especially when you are dealing with a fat glutton. You have to let them know when they are being low class. If it’s affecting you say something.

Stop being lazy and take care of your body so you’re not a snoring savage that annoys everyone.

Goddamnit he just started to snore again.

Seriously just lose 50lbs and take care of your body. How much do you hate yourself to be a snoring , coughing glutton.

Don’t expect to become successful or get a skinny girl if you can’t even take care of your own body.

I have 7 more hours on this flight. Time to turn on loud metal music in my headphones to drown out this selfish piece of shit next me.

Take care of your body and speak up if someone is being a piece of shit… Which I’m about to do again right now.

Well the flight is over and the whole time he was either snoring or coughing. What I also noticed is that he ate both meals that were served in there entirety. I didn’t eat any of them because they are horrible. I would rather starve than eat that shit.

So now he stands up and he’s wearing white pants. Well guess what? and I swear I am not making this up… He shit himself. There is a huge brown shit stain all over the seat of his pants!

This was the most unbelievable flight, and it made me realize from coughing to snoring to shitting your pants. All of this because he can’t control what he puts in his body because he is selfish.


Traveling across China


Starting in November for the rest of the year I’m going to be traveling across China. Something I’ve been wanting to do for years. I probably won’t be posting any new blog articles but I will have many stories when I come back. Last time I was there I climbed the Great Wall on new year eve, and explored Beijing. The cities are really alive and they’re twice the size of New York. When you’re in Beijing in the winter most, well, all buildings, stores, cabs don’t use heat. Individual condo unit might but any common area doesn’t use it. What they do is turn it on to maybe 50 just so the pipes don’t freeze. All of the people leave their coat on when they eat or shop. To the Westerner it seems ridiculous and inconvenient but to the Asians its normal. The cabs don’t use heat because they don’t want to use up any more gas than they have to. People are always looking to save money there. In Beijing they don’t get snow so that is one good part of the winter. All the restaurants have big cloth windbreakers over the doors so if the door doesn’t close the big curtain will swing back and block the wind. Its hard to describe, Ill try to post it on Instagram. We’re going down to Shanghai and from what I hear its much warmer and more Westerners there too. Seems its a little more cosmopolitan. But with everything in China I’m always surprised. From there the island of Hainan were we can have some time on the beach. Then before going back to Beijing we’re going to see the terra-cotta warriors.

So this time I’ll make sure to bring everything I need unlike last time, like Tums, and pills for my stomach. The food there is really good and fresh, however you never know what you’re going to run into. They don’t have convenience stores on every corner like we do in the U.S.
In most restaurants and malls there aren’t Western toilets. They have squat pots, basically a hole on the ground that you squat over. You can’t flush any paper down there and usually there is a can to throw the paper in.
Its always a great experience to travel and not having modern conveniences is part of the adventure. When I was in Beijing last there was a building going up that was selling for $1,000/sqft, thats basically NY prices. It will be nice to see this thing completed, which I assume will have heat in the common areas. Everyday the city changes and grows. There are always Bentleys, Ferraris, and every kind of luxury car, right next to $10 bicycles. Every day people from the country come into the city and the city grows. It keeps increasing its boundaries every year. The demand is huge for city living and I’m excited to see the new changes.

I have a professional Canon camera to take much better pictures and I will be posting them.

See you next year,


Every Unit is Uniformed


You notice when you go into a chain store or restaurant anywhere in the country it looks familiar to you? When you walk into the CVS you know the pharmacy is in the back, the refrigerated drinks are to the right. The colors are all the same and the employees are wearing the same uniform.

When you’re on a road trip and you stop at your favorite burger joint in Boise Idaho, it looks, and tastes the same as it did in Detroit, MI.

There are reasons for this; efficiency and knowledge of the building and how to run it, or repair it if needed.

This is exactly what I do with my units.

In my residential units I use the exact same plumbing faucets, electrical fixtures, paint, sinks, toilets, windows, appliances, and anything else I might need to replace.

This makes the houses very easy to maintain and fix if needed. Of something goes wrong I know exactly how to fix, replace, or who to call to fix it.

When I buy a house here’s the first things I do to uniform it and make it efficient.

Bathroom- I immediately put in a single handle faucet in the bathtub. With only one piece of hardware in the tub there are less moving parts to break and fix than those old three handles. I buy Delta for all my faucets they are reliable and I’ve never had a problem with them. If there’s a leak behind your tub it will be a costly problem to fix. Which I’ve had to do. The Deltas not only look much better and more modern but they won’t leak and break as easy as the others.

If needed I’ll do the same for the sink faucet. Sometimes I’ll have to buy a new sink cabinet. I just co to Home Depot or Lowes and buy one for a few hundred bucks.
I always buy a new toilet seat and rarely have to buy a new toilet.

I always try to shop local and support small biz first. But here’s the problem. Usually they won’t have what I need in stock. I just went to get a lighting fixture 3 weeks ago they said they don’t have it in stock and need to order it. Said they would call me in a few days when it’s in. Well 2 weeks go by and it’s still not in. I say fuck it and get a refund. So I go to Home Depot and pick up a fixture in 10 minutes. This disappointment has happened way to many times with these small hardware stores. So I always go to the big box now.

Electrical- If needed I replace all outlets, switches, and covers. All white.

In the living room I always install a ceiling fan. Usually there is already a junky one there and I put up a new Hampton Bay from Lowes. $50. All other light fixtures I use I get from Lowes about $20 a piece, in every single room they are all the exact same I install them myself they are very easy. They are white with a silver strip around the base.

I always make sure there are updated circuit breakers in the house. If it has the knob and tube panel I pass.

The houses I buy never need a full remodel it’s not worth it. But they always need serious updating.

Kitchen- New stove. White, electric, glass top. If gas I’ll have it changed. The stoves are cheaper, and I don’t trust my tenants with an open flame. It looks clean and when it’s new I leave some of the tape on the outside so they know it’s brand new. <$500

White fridge I bought used before but it didn’t turn out. It was just junky. Spend $500 get a new fridge. No ice maker or water dispenser. Just freezer on top with some ice trays.

If there is a dish washer and needs to be replaced. Same thing white and clean.

The floors I get dark gray sticky tile put down.

If cabinets are old I just paint them white. And throw on new silver hinges and pulls.

If cabinets need to be replaced go to Ikea and get them for around $1,000. You install them yourself and they are really easy to do.

Basement- You won’t believe how many houses I see with old single pane basement windows in them. Even houses in bad areas I don’t see that much glass block windows.

These old windows you can tap them and they’ll break.

Always put in glass block windows they look much better, they keep the heat in, and they are much safer than the old single pane.

In the basement I just sweep the floor and clean it up. I don’t make it livable I do put in new electric washer and dryers tough. About $600 total.

If needed a new finance with central air this gets a bit pricey around 4-5K

I have a guy that puts them in right away and he’s done in half a day. I’ve bought 4 from him so far.

I rip any old wiring from TV antennas, door bells, old phone lines, or anything that isn’t needed I rip out. Doesn’t matter how big or small. It’s just something for your tenant to break or hurt themselves on.

If there are many storage closets in the basement. I’ll close all but 1 off for the same reasons. Anything extra is always taken out or closed off. Same with the attic. I lock it off if I can, and just have management say it’s landlord storage.


The main areas of the house- I always have the floors sanded, always have hardwoods in there the carpet will get ruined every time. They look much better than carpet anyway.

If I have to I will install new windows $400 a piece. Most my units have ~10-15 windows this can be pricey. Start with the bedrooms and bath only. Make sure they can open the bathroom window after a steamy shower. It will make the paint last longer. The bedrooms with new windows will

look more inviting. Then over the next couple years piece the house together with new windows if you don’t have the money all at once. Plus you can write all of this off on your taxes. (I am not giving tax advice)

I paint all the walls in all the houses the same color. An off white. If it ever needs touch up after someone moves out its very easy. You know exactly what color to use.

The outside- Take down any antennas. Trim all trees and bushes. Put wood chips down in the back of garage or side of house. I am thinking about experimenting with fake grass so I dont have to pay to cut it. I write a post about it if I decide to do it.

All of this eliminates guessing it saves time, makes the house more efficient. Plus it looks great.

Implement this uniformed code on all of your rentals it will make your life a lot easier.

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